When you look at the situation in Ukraine, it’s tempting to believe that “hot” war has been replaced by other forms of war – like propaganda and sanctions – which are currently being waged there.

What I find particularly interesting, especially when reading UK/European newspapers, is that the official line is not accepted by most readers who comment prolifically on such reports 24/7.

There is a distinct disconnect between the official story/narrative and what many readers think, and I certainly find this both instructive and encouraging. Why? Because it means we are not all being fooled all the time – thanks to alternative news sources available to us online.

One such news source is RT.

I have recently subscribed to a satellite TV service which offers a wide range of news sources – including the usual suspects like CNN and BBC, but also RT, Al Jazeera and the English version of CCTV from China.

I can honestly say that I would prefer to watch any of the alternatives to the mainstream channels and find RT, in particular, to be refreshingly different and thought-provoking.

In fact, having only been able to view BBC and local news before on my TV previously, I can attest as to how boring and predictable they are.

Now, here’s the issue. US Secretary of State, John Kerry, has the audacity to call RT a “propaganda bullhorn”. This coming from the mouth of a man representing the source of most the world’s pernicious propaganda itself – the USA. And while Kerry accuses RT of being a mouthpiece for the Russian government, he fails to mention how all the mainstream media in the US is a mouthpiece of the US government.

Personally, I’m very thankful that a service like RT exists. Why? Because it offers a different viewpoint and perspective on all the important issues of the day, and treats its viewers like adults by offering up serious panel discussions, “boots on the ground” reporting all over the world that matters, and a lively presentation to boot.

And I know I’m not the only person who thinks this way, as RT’s listenership growth attests.

Ex-CIA Analyst, Ray McGovern, has a lot more to say on this subject, which is definitely worth reading:

Kerry’s Propaganda War on Russia’s RT