One of the best “freedom insurance” products you can get your hands on is a second passport.

With only one passport you are a virtual slave of the country you happened to be born in. Now, you may not consider your own country to be “bad” and perhaps cannot see a need for such a second passport, but there are many people who think otherwise.

The best way to think of such a second passport is as “insurance” against things going bad in the country you you currently live in. You simply do not know what the future holds, and having a second passport before you need it makes a lot of sense.

Typically, getting a second passport is achieved by first gaining a residency in a new country, to be followed by citizenship down the track, and this is still the preferred method for most people.

But what if you’re in a hurry, need a good second passport in a few months, and have the funds to make it happen?

One such option is what’s called a “economic” citizenship, where you invest in, or “donate” to, a country in return for a passport. Many countries offer this, although most don’t overtly advertise the fact. Trouble is, most of these can be very expensive.

However, one country has been doing this for a while, and at a relatively economic price. And now you can even pay for it with Bitcoin.

Passports For Bitcoin